MagicDisc 2.7

Creates virtual drives and mounts disk images on them
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MagicISO, Inc.

Set up virtual CD drives and DVD drives on your computer, the mount ISO, BIN, IMG, VCD, C2D, NRG, CIF, MDS and other disk image formats on them.

A common problem with a CD is its care. Even a little scratch on a CD can ruin your hard work and important data. We cannot care for scratches on CDs even if we try a lot. If we use a CD then it will probably get scratched after couple of hours run. So if you think that your data is safe because it is on a CD then you should think again. But here is a solution called MagicDisc that can make your data safer than ever.
MagicDisc allows you to create virtual CD/DVD drives and create virtual CD/DVD images that can work exactly as a CD/DVD but will save you from CD scratches and data loss. You can create and use BIN, IMA/IMG ,CIF ,NRG,IMG/CCD, MDF/MDS, VCD, VaporCD , P01/MD1/XAVC4/000, VDI , C2D, BWI/BWT, CDI, TAO/DAO, PDI virtual images. MagicDisc gives you better performance, an image in virtual CD/DVD drive enables you to work 100x faster than an ordinary CD/DVD, without errors. You can run games, programs or anything from a virtual drive created by MagicDisc. MagicDisc can create multiple virtual drives if desired. You can also customize the drive letter. MagicDisc does not need any kind of hardware to create virtual CD/DVD drives.

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  • Create/insert virtual CD images
  • Use multiple virtual drives


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